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The Triton Brass Quintet regularly performs music in a wide variety of styles.  Our large and always-growing repertoire includes programs ranging from youth concerts to classical recitals and music, from the Rennaisance to the present, appropriate for any occasion.  We also feature a large selection of seasonal holiday music.  Check back here often:  We are constantly learning new pieces, and with advance notice we can perform virtually any requested piece of music.

Baroque & Renaissance

Adson, John 2 Ayres for Cornetts & Sagbuts
Anonymous Die Bankelsangerlieder
Bach, J. S. Air on the G String
Bach, J. S. Arioso from Cantata #156
Bach, J. S. Contrapunctus 1-14 & Chorale from Art of the Fugue
Bach, J. S. Fugue in G minor (Little)
Bach, J. S. My Spirit be Joyful
Bach, J. S. Prelude & Fugue in G minor
Bach, J. S. We Hasten with Eager Footsteps
Brade, William Two Pieces
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine Prelude to Te Deum
Farnaby, Giles Fancies, Toyes and Dreames
Fux, Johann Joseph Centone #2
Gibbon Hosanna to the Son of David
Glasel, John (ed) 16th Century Carmina
Haas, Eugene (ed) Two 16th Century Flemish Songs
Handel, G. F. Minuet from The Water Music
Handel, G. F. Royal Fireworks Music
Handel, G. F. Water Music Suite
Handel, G. F. Where'er You Walk
Holborne, Anthony 5 Pieces
Korngold, Erich 3 Fanfares from Robin Hood>
Monteverdi, Claudio Sinfonia
Morley, Thomas 3 Elizabethan Madrigals
Morley, Thomas I Love, Alas I Love Thee
Mouret, Jean Joseph Rondeau
Pezel, Johann Three Pieces
Purcell, Henry Purcell Suite
Purcell, Henry Trumpet Voluntary
Purcell, Henry Voluntary on Old 100th
Rosenthal, Irving Renaissance Suite
Scarlatti, Domenico Sonata K. 380
Scheidt, Samuel Battle Suite
Speer 2 Sonatas
Susato, Tylman Renaissance Dances

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