The Triton Brass Quintet

Here are some pictures taken in South Bend, Indiana, on our trip to the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition.  Image quality will temporarily be spotty, as these pictures are being processed and uploaded on the road.


Our practice facilities in the basement of the Sacred Heart Parish Center at Notre Dame University.  It should be noted that, while this space features two foosball tables, our regular accomodations in Boston lack even a single foosball table.

Wes demonstrates his innovative filing methods to the rest of the quintet.

On the Town

South Bend features a variety of places to visit.  Here Andrew enjoys a trip to a Wallgreen's parking lot while Wes and Jobey buy an iron.

Shelagh, Wes, and Steve visit Geek Central, the Woodwind and the Brasswind, conveniently located 15 minutes away from the competiton.  Note the extremely tasteful fountain featuring an understated trumpet-and-saxophone motif.

Treasure under the Big W.  Over an hour of aimless driving failed to turn up the Conn plant in Elkhart, but we found this instead.  They sell hot dogs inside the big doghouse.

South Bend apparently takes forest fire prevention quite seriously.

At the Competition

Unfortunately, we have no photos of the awards ceremonies, as all members of the quintet were preoccupied with their attempts to not pass out.  However, we do have photos from before and after the ceremonies.

Immediately after finding out we have been selected for the final round of competition, Jobey nevertheless keeps a level head and finds time for romance.

Chatting with members of the New Brass Trio from Temple University right before the final awards ceremony.

A somewhat stunned Triton Brass Quintet smiles for the cameras after being awarded the silver medal.

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