The Triton Brass Quintet

Triton Brass at the Lyon International Chamber Music Competition

18 hours elapsed since we left Boston.  Jobey demonstrates how a tuba gig bag doubles as a cot.

Thanks to Swiss Air, which managed to break 4 braces on Jobey's tuba and lose Wes's trombone, all on the same trip!  (And a sincere thank-you to David Pastor at the Lyon competition, who took Jobey to get it fixed the day we arrived.)

The Lyon Conservatory of Music and Dance.  Easily the most beautiful school of any kind any of us had ever seen.

Our home for the six days of the competition.

The results of the first round, posted on the door to the conservatory.

The Lyon Opera House, where we performed the semi-final round.

The day before the semi-finals, we were asked to add 15 minutes to our program.  Naturally, we took the easy way out and had the Etler quintet faxed from the U.S.

Waiting for the results of the semi-final round.  In the back are Joe-Bob, Sr. and his girlfriend, Jill.

One thing Boston is definitely lacking is a fairy-tale palace on a hill above it.

After the competition was over, we finally had time to notice that Lyon is incredibly scenic.

On our last day in town, we stumbled across the Lyon public market, featuring some of the most amazing vegetables any of us had ever seen.

Note to Lyon tourists:  It may look like a bar, it may say "BAR," but that is not a bar, as Jobey and Wes learned to their dismay one night.

On the way to Geneva, a rare full-group portrait (featuring Jobey, Shelagh, and a bright flash obscuring Steve in the window).

Steve receives his new job title.

The Triton Brass Insomia Tour of Geneva begins.

It's amazing the things you run across at 3am.

Jobey weighs the advantages of trading in his foot for a peg leg as the Insomnia Tour concludes in the Geneva train station.


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